Universal Single IDF Linkage Kit

INSTALLATION :         #99007.118

1. The pictures below show this universal bracket can be used for either side of the throttle shaft. 

2. The universal bracket can only pull the throttle lever from the “enriching” side or the narrow flange bolt side of the carburetor.

3. We have supplied two of the most common brackets that hold the outer sheathing of the cable. One of the most common brackets is a square and the other most common bracket has a round hole, both secure the outer cable sheathing. Secure the cable outer sheathing in this bracket so the inner cable moves freely without any binding.

4. The torque on the throttle shaft nut, on all Weber Carburetors, is achieved by installing the nut just slightly more than finger tight, then tighten to the next flat on the nut. Bend the lock tab that will secure the nut.

5. The picture below shows a diagram of the cable trunion assembly

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