WEBER Carburetor Bench Assembly

This applies to ALL Weber throttle shafts.


Bench assembly


Install the new REDLINE lever on the carburetor.

CAUTION: Do not over tighten throttle shaft nut.

Proper tightness can be achieved by installing nut just slightly more than finger-tight (finger tight then one more flat of the nut) and bend lock tab. After tightening, open choke and check for full throttle operation from idle stop to wide-open throttle. If any sticking or binding occurs, loosen nut and re-tighten with reduced torque. If excessive torque has been applied, re-centralization of the throttle plate may be necessary. This may require loosening nut and rapping on the end of the shaft with a small plastic mallet or a screwdriver handle (We are not driving nails here firm, but not abusive).  



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